Apprentice & Trainee Mentor Service

The most common issues employers face with apprentices and trainees are behavioural and performance issues that haven’t been identified or addressed early enough.

We are all about making life easier for you, and removing people issues from your day to day so you can focus on working ON your business, not working IN your business.

We will:

  • regularly visit your workplace to check in with management / supervisors and the apprentice or trainee
  • conduct a tailored performance discussion to identify potential issues before it’s too late
  • be the link between your business, the training provider  and the apprenticeship facilitator
  • provide quality HR support to address disciplinary matters

This service designed to support both the employee and employer from sign up to sign off. We see this as a proactive service to support employers address the skills shortage through quality people process and frameworks.

The ongoing support throughout the life of the apprenticeship and traineeship will ensure a smoother transition to the employee achieving the qualification, adding value to the business with skills and behaviours that are aligned to the business and it’s values.

To overcome the skills shortage we need to achieve a higher apprenticeship completion rate, and keep these employees in town, applying their trade

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