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So I’ve been popping up in your Facebook & Linkedin feeds for a good month now and you’re probably thinking “what exactly is it that you do & more importantly, how can you assist my business”

The overarching foundation to all aspects of the HR function are contemporary & comprehensive policies that are not only compliant with the relevant Acts and Legislation, but can assist the organisation achieve it’s strategic goals & best practice.

Clear, concise and effective HR policies can make all the difference in managing your workforce; establishing credibility and consistency. Employees thrive in an environment where they understand the company’s expectations and are predictably managed in accordance with the written policies. Failure to appropriately document important policies can lead to confusion and frustration in the workplace thereby diminishing productivity.

HR Policies are general statements that serve to guide decision making and communication with employees. They generally serve three purposes;
• To reassure employees that they will be treated fairly and without prejudice
• To assist managers and HR to make consistent decisions
• To give managers and HR the confidence to resolve problems, knowing that they are following the policy and procedure set out by the organisation in a consistent manner.

Items covered by HR policies include recruitment and selection, performance management, discipline and termination, training and development, equal employment opportunity (EEO), flexible work, promotions and increases.

HR procedures detail precisely what action to be taken in a particular situation – for example the particular steps to be followed when placing someone on a performance improvement plan, giving someone a pay increase or when handling a harassment complaint. Consider that when employee rights and company policy issues come before courts, the company’s HR policies are usually taken as a contract between the employee and the company. For this reason it is important for HR and Managers to follow their own policies and procedures and to be seen, and trusted, to be fair and equitable.

Our People & Culture Foundations Package is a suite of human resources policies & forms individually tailored for businesses that are either building their people & culture framework from scratch or reviewing and updating their HR functions. This product is also offered in a ‘mix & match’ format for companies who have some, or all, of the functions in place already, but wish to update, check, and fill any gaps in their existing HR processes.

Based in Kalgoorlie, The People & Culture Office is an independent HR Consultant who can partner with you to offer a one stop HR solution, we only charge you for the work we perform; no contracts, no annual or monthly fees, just quality service. Click here to learn more