Key Behavioural & Capability Framework

This takes a big chunk of how you work towards achieving your strategic goals and takes it from a reactive and time consuming process to a proactive, efficient one

It guides the recruitment of suitably qualified staff. With the Framework your recruitment practices can be adapted to ask behavioural questions that will quickly identify candidates who possess the skills, behaviours and values to drive achievement of your operational outcomes.

It forms the basis of your Performance Management System. The Framework identifies “what good looks like” so regular conversations with employees regarding their achievements are touch points to reinforce the behaviours and capabilities required excel. More capable staff = less work for you.

It identifies the capabilities required to achieve organisation and team objectives. This guides your workforce planning, training and development initiatives and provides a clear line of sight for employees for what is required to achieve success, and, to take control of their career development to work towards other opportunities within your organisation.


The Key Behavioural & Capability Framework is a valuable tool to help foster a common language around desired skills and behaviours for your people.

Building internal capability is about developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will help employees thrive in their own roles and contribute towards building a strong organisation.

The Key Behavioural & Capability Framework is mapped to your Strategic Objectives and Core Values to ensure that you have the organisational culture, workplace capability and agility to adapt and thrive in a continually changing business environment.

The Framework informs core people-management practices such as recruitment and selection, managing for performance, leadership development, succession planning, individual development and career planning.

It provides the foundation to implement a whole of business people management solution, it provides the leadership team with the language and tools to have the right strategic discussion that will support the development of a competitive and effective people management and performance strategy.

The Key Behavioural & Capability Framework aligns with your Core Values, together they guide behaviours and how you and your employees approach work. The framework provides guidance for having more “on brand” conversations about “what good looks like” in your expectations of yourself and your employees.

It provides a rational, consistent and practical way of understanding peoples behaviours at work and the likelihood of succeeding in a given role or environment.

The successful implementation of the Framework will lead to increased levels of commitment and performance from employees, alignment of expectations across your organisation and to improved business outcomes and levels of satisfaction for your customers.