Annual Performance Reviews are so passé

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Organisations have come to realise that traditional approaches to performance management do not effectively motivate employees. In fact, they often have the opposite effect. ⁠

Performance management has buckled because organisations have prioritised measurement over development. ⁠

The Shift From Performance Management to Performance Development

Successful performance development is not just about changing the way annual reviews are conducted. Rather, performance development is about creating a cultural shift in how people work and how they work together. ⁠

Moving from performance management to performance development requires managers to think of themselves in a new way: as a coach, not a boss.⁠

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⭐️Establish expectations ⁠
⭐️Continually coach⁠
⭐️Create accountability⁠

When performance becomes focused on these core principles, manager-employee interactions and discussions feel encouraging, purposeful and rewarding in ways that annual reviews do not. ⁠

Creating a culture of performance development around these core principles also helps employees better own their performance, development and career.⁠

Too often, managers set the same expectations for all employees, forcing people into the same neat little box. ⁠

A good manager not only establishes expectations and gives employees a voice in the process, but also helps employees understand why their role exists and how their role expectations align with team and organisational objectives⁠

We will work with you to create a system that allows managers to work with employees to identify their capabilities, leverage their strengths and provide development opportunities to close any gaps between their capabilities and what is expected of them⁠

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