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First and foremost HR should have a presence in your business as a strategic partner, as someone who can breakdown your business goals into practical and contemporary people and culture initiatives to both build capacity within the business, and to assist with achieving the strategic outcomes of the organisation.

Sure, on a base level HR is about protecting the business from unnecessary risk; embedding policies and procedures; ensuring said policies and procedures are followed; provision of industrial relations advice to management; ensuring you dot your i’s and cross your t’s. But beyond the legal aspect, the contribution by HR to your business success can not, and should not, be understated.

People & Culture Foundations

People & Culture Foundations is a package of human resources solutions individually tailored for businesses that are either building their people & culture framework from scratch or reviewing and updating their HR functions. The People & Culture Office Foundations package contains the following:

  • Employment Contract / Alignment to Award / Terms & Conditions of Employment
  • Development of people & culture policies
  • Employee Handbook (i.e. Company policies, company info)
  • Other employee templates and forms (ie: job descriptions, employee details)
  • People management guides & fact sheets

This product is also offered in a ‘mix & match’ format for companies who have some, or all, of the functions in place already, but wish to update, check, and fill any gaps in their existing HR processes. 


When an organisation has made its business decisions in relation to its strategic goals, it has to determine how to make that vision a reality & to carry out its mission by executing each strategy.

Each and every strategy that a business pursues will have specific HR needs and implications, we will work with management to ensure there is a plan for the people initiatives needed to deliver on its strategic goals.

Workforce Planning

Put simply, workforce planning is “having the right people in the right place at the right time” 

The key principles to workforce planning are;

  • identifying future business directions and workforce needs
  • analysing and understanding the make-up of the current workforce
  • determining the necessary skills, capabilities and competencies required to achieve strategic and operational goals in the future
  • developing policies and strategies that will assist in achieving these goals

Workforce Planning provides management with a framework for making informed staffing decisions which are in line with the organisation’s strategic and operational goals. 

Compensation & Benefits

How an organisation pays and rewards its people has a big impact on its ability to attract the best talent, ensure that they are challenged and motivated and whether or not they will stay with your organisation.

A successful compensation & benefits strategy will ensure that you are able to recruit the right people, with the right mix of skills, to ensure that your organisation can meet its business outcomes.

Recruitment Strategy

Business has to be proactive, not reactive, to overcome the big challenges that modern-day recruiting faces.

A recruitment strategy can offer proactive strategies & actions to assist with overcoming barriers to recruitment & assisting you with achieving your operational goals

Performance Management

Research shows that employees work best when they have clear goals and understand what is expected of them and their work; receive fair and regular feedback about how they are performing; are recognised for a job well done; and get constructive advice about areas of unsatisfactory performance and how they may improve.

We will work with you to create a performance management system that allows managers to work with employees to identify their capabilities, leverage their strengths and provide development opportunities to close any gaps between their capabilities and what is expected of them.

Key Behavioural & Capability Framework

The Behavioural & Capability Framework is a valuable tool to help foster a common language around desired skills and behaviours for your people.

Building internal capability is about developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will help employees thrive in their own roles and contribute towards building a strong organisation.

It provides the foundation to implement a whole of business people management solution, it provides the leadership team with the language and tools to have the right strategic discussion that will support the development of a competitive and effective people management and performance strategy. 

Policies & Procedures – Supporting the overall business function

Human Resources Policies and Procedures are important as they provide structure, control, consistency, fairness and reasonableness in the business.

They also ensure compliance with employment legislation, inform employees of their responsibilities and the organisations expectations and provide transparency in how processes will be managed.

The People & Culture Office policies reflect contemporary human resource practice, offer step by step procedures and are fully compliant to Australian workplace law and legislation. They have been written with the average employee in mind; that is anyone in the business can pick up the policy and understand exactly what is expected of them and what procedure should be followed to achieve the desired outcome.

Policies should add value to your business, whether it’s a Recruitment & Selection Policy to guide you to recruit employees of the highest standard or an EEO, Bullying & Harassment Policy that covers off the relevant legislation, if your policies are too vague, don’t provide guidance and protect you from legal action then you aren’t getting the value from them that you should.

Ongoing Support

We can assist in addressing any potential issues that arise, and provide support for the management team with regards to employee relations with the aim of achieving solid working relationships.

Talent Acquisitions 

Businesses and hiring managers often forget the recruitment process is a two way street, yes you are assessing the candidate but remember they are judging you too. From your advertisement to the questions asked at interview you are building a brand for your business, remember, the candidate has a choice too and as the skills shortage begins to make a significant impact on business operations the ability for business to showcase why working for you will be a great career move will be pivotal.

The People & Culture Office can assist with all recruitment functions to ensure your recruitment strategy and processes enable you to source employees that not only possess the right skills and qualifications, but are the best cultural fit for your organisation.

With 16 years recruitment experience in local government, mining, including new mine start up, and the not – for – profit sectors The People & Culture Office can assist with attracting only the best quality candidates for your business. 

From bulk recruitment for new project start-ups to ad-hoc recruitment, our professional approach will sell the best possible image for your organisation and set you apart from the competition. For more information please visit our Recruitment Services page here