Employee Engagement | Employee Experience

Workplace culture is like the DNA of a company, defining its values, beliefs, and how things get done. When the culture is positive, inclusive, and empowering, employees can’t help but be engaged and motivated!

And that’s where employee engagement comes in. When employees are engaged, they’re not just going through the motions; they’re fully invested in their work. They show up with passion, enthusiasm, and an unstoppable drive to excel!

The secret sauce here is that a healthy workplace culture fuels employee engagement. 

But wait, there’s more! The cherry on top is the employee experience. It’s the entire journey – from the first day on the job to every interaction with colleagues and managers. When employees feel valued, supported, and heard, it’s a game-changer!

Engagement Champions

Have you ever felt like there’s something missing in your workplace? Maybe you’ve noticed a dip in productivity or a lack of enthusiasm among your employees. Well, we’ve got a secret to share with you: the key to unlocking your team’s full potential lies in employee engagement!

At The People & Culture Office, we understand that engaged employees are the heart and soul of any successful organisation. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Kylie McLerie of Collective Culture Consultancy to present our Engagement Champions solution that will transform your workplace into a thriving, happy, and productive community.

With our tailored employee engagement strategies, we’ll help you build a workplace culture that fosters creativity, innovation, and a true sense of belonging. It’s not about gimmicks or short-term fixes; we’re all about creating lasting, positive change.

Did you know only 23% of Australian employees are engaged?

We use the Gallup Q12 framework to deliver Engagement Champions. Benchmarking your results against 27 million responses from 195 countries we are able to effectively measure your engagement score and how you sit amongst your industry peers.

Gallup Q12 is more than just a questionnaire; it’s a powerful framework developed by Gallup, the pioneers of employee engagement research. It consists of 12 key questions carefully crafted to measure the elements that drive employee engagement and workplace success. The 12 questions are straightforward, making it easy for your team to provide honest feedback. But don’t be fooled by their simplicity – the insights they provide are pure gold!

Countless organisations worldwide have implemented the Gallup Q12 and seen remarkable improvements in productivity, retention, and overall job satisfaction. It’s backed by data and success stories!

Employee Experience

If you want to achieve positive business outcomes you need to be paying attention to how employees experience working for you. The future of work is a human centred approach to purpose, structures and leadership 

There are some real fundamental issues with how leadership of our organisations is approached. It’s clear the tried and tested methods of HR and leadership just aren’t cutting it in todays world, and that is reflected in the rates of employee engagement, turnover, absenteeism and safety

The secret sauce to a winning employee experience lies in creating a workplace where people are genuinely happy, motivated, and fulfilled. It’s a journey that takes dedication, but the rewards are incredible!

Together, let’s create a workplace where employees can thrive, where their dreams are supported, and where everyone’s a winner! Let’s make magic happen! 

Clifton Strengths

We believe in the power of strengths – because when our employees shine, we all thrive! It’s like watching superheroes unleash their superpowers! Whether it’s creativity, problem-solving, or top-notch organisation skills, everyone brings something unique to the table.

In a strengths-based culture, leaders, managers and employees choose to continually develop each person’s potential, resulting in an engaged workforce and organic business growth

Strengths-based organisations shift away from the old ways of managing people to more effective, forward-thinking ways of developing them.

Unlock your Top 5 strengths to greater understand what makes you & your team unique, how you can leverage these to unleash your superpowers and build stronger, more high performing teams.

Leading and developing a team? CliftonStrengths for Leaders report helps leaders at any level learn how to make the most of their own talents, lead others to success and create a thriving culture for their organisation. Whether you are already in a formal leadership role, or want to develop your skills, this report provides leader-specific strengths, insights and greater understanding of how each theme can contribute or get in the way of your success.