The Power of Person Centred Leadership

In researching this blog I read the following passage; “In the realm of leadership, a revolutionary approach has been gaining momentum over the past few years – person centred leadership.”

Is considering the impact of your actions on your employees revolutionary? Valuing people, having empathy, giving people a voice and choice, is this revolutionary?

Who’d have thought valuing our employees for their individual qualities and impact they can make to our teams was so radical.

This approach (person -centred leadership) flips the traditional top-down model on its head and places the focus squarely on the individuals within an organisation. It’s a philosophy that acknowledges the profound impact of valuing and empowering individuals, not just as employees, but as unique human beings with their own aspirations, strengths, and needs.

When researching the impact of employee experience (EX) to business outcomes Josh Bersin and his team of researchers concluded :

“Human-centered leaders inspire trust in the organisation, communicate transparently, behave with integrity and authenticity, and model the kinds of cultures that will lead us to EX transformation. Without the right leadership mindset, capabilities, and behaviors, any progress in EX will be short-lived and unsustainable. At every point in the process, we must make an active, conscious effort to put our people first. Even if we have nothing else to invest in EX, if we focus on driving people-centered leadership, we will be making great strides.”

Graphic: Josh Bersin Research

At its core, person centred leadership is about recognising that the success of an organisation is intricately tied to the wellbeing and growth of its people. This leadership style prioritises creating an environment where individuals are not just cogs in the machine, but valued contributors who are encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work.

In the Employee Experience: The Definitive Guide, Josh Bersin Research identified the biggest drivers of employee experience. The items with most impact were those that offered purpose, empathy, transparency, a sense of belonging and development beyond the financial goals of the organisation.

It’s a mindset shift that has the potential to revolutionise workplaces. By prioritising the wellbeing and growth of individuals, organisations can create a culture where people thrive, collaboration flourishes, and performance soars.

In a world where human capital is the driving force behind success, person centred leadership is a beacon guiding us towards a brighter, more harmonious future in the realm of leadership and management.

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