What are your candidates really thinking?

Employee Interview | HR Consultant | The People & Culture Office

About one in four job hunters in Australia go into an interview with the mindset of interviewing the employer, according to new research by Indeed. Furthermore, the study found that 70% of job hunters consider the interview as an opportunity for them to get to know the company.

Businesses and hiring managers often forget the recruitment process is a two way process, yes you are assessing the candidate but remember they are judging you too. From your advertisement to the questions asked at interview you are building a brand for your business, remember, the candidate has a choice too and as the skills shortage begins to make a significant impact on business operations the ability for business to showcase why working for you will be a great career move will be pivotal.

82% of employers think that a bad candidate experience has little or no effect on the company, according to a recent Careerbuilder survey. Subsequently, a majority of employers respond to less than half of the candidates who apply. On the other side of the coin, 84% of candidates expect a personal email response, and more than half anticipate a phone call. Thanking a potential employee for taking the time to apply for job at your company is a small courtesy. But what many get is a brush-off akin to last night’s date sitting by the phone, waiting for the call that never comes. You can read more about the importance of communicating with your candidates here.

The interview process is as much of a process for the candidate to assess you as much as you are assessing them. If you are running late, are unorganised, come across as rude or abrupt, ask unlawful questions, don’t ask relevant questions, or don’t communicate with your candidates, then chances are your candidate will walk away thinking you are a cowboy operation they want no part of – no matter how much you are paying.

In a world where disappointed candidates can send their plight viral with a few keystrokes and the click of a button, it’s time for employers to stop treating candidates like the proverbial pain in the butt and start treating them like a customer in their business. At a time when industry leaders and managers clamor for more qualified skilled workers, it doesn’t pay for companies to be lazy and incompetent when it comes to recruitment. Candidates expect more. And they deserve better.

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