Are you equipped to handle workplace bullying?

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Hands up who has personally experienced, or has a close friend or family member who has experienced workplace bullying 🙋‍♀️. It’s more common than you think, in fact Safe Work Australia receives an average of 3 complaints per day.

Workplace bullying is such an epidemic that Fair Work Australia was forced to amend the Act to give them powers to make orders against individuals and companies not taking sufficient action against the behaviour. In addition to the penalties handed down via the Fair Work process, employers can also leave themselves exposed to fines under the OSH Act and of course reputational damage as a bad employer.

Sound practices and policies that clearly articulate the expectations of employees in their interactions will minimise the risk of workplace bullying and landing you in front of the commission. Contact us today to enquire about our People & Culture Foundations Package which provides a suite of workplace policies designed to set behavioural expectations and minimise risk.

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