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Sonia, Chief Storyteller, Scribe and Social

About 5 years ago I stumbled across Sonia Bavistock (and Amalfi aka the cutest dog in the world) on Facebook through her fashion styling page Sonia Styling and then later Scribe and Social, her social media management business. Since launching The People & Culture Office just shy of 12 months ago, Scribe and Social has helped me make sense of my social media content creation, and, through Sonia’s newsletters, Instagram and practical tips I have been able to put together a social media plan that is reflective of not just what I want my business to be & say, but (I think) my personality as well. But what has really drawn me to Scribe and Social is a shared philosophy of wanting to share our knowledge solely because we want to see people & business do well & then to celebrate your successes with you. So please, let me introduce you to Sonia from Scribe & Social, my guest blogger this week.

Have you noticed it?

There is a huge push towards authenticity online these days. 

Yes, social media is a highlight reel – an edited version of life – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be authentic. 

If you want to see real cut-through and real engagement, you mustn’t be afraid to share. Telling our stories is how we connect as people and it is what can set you apart as a business. 

Of course, the picture can be pretty, but the words must be honest.

And so, whether you’re wanting to improve your engagement or simply try some new things, here are five ways you can use social media as a business to connect with your audience.

The People & Culture Office | Scribe & Social

1. Show up

What makes your business unique? You. Let your followers see and get to know the person behind the account. Include photos of yourself (and your team) in your feed. Or if that’s not appropriate, show up in Instagram Stories. Start small and share little snippets, consistently. It’s the best way to create a community online.

2. Invite interaction

Make your followers feel valued by inviting them to interact with you. Ask them questions. Ask their opinion. Ask their advice. What do they like? What do they prefer? What would they like to see next? End each caption with an invitation or a call to action. Remember, the post is just the start of the conversation.

3. Use videos

Video content is easy to consume and conveys your message with clarity. It’s also a great way for people to get to know the personality of your business. Get comfortable with being on video and get confident with simple video editing apps. In this day and age, all you need is your phone to get started with video. And the very best place to start? On Instagram Stories.

4. Engage more, post less

Posting isn’t the only way to be discovered. Engage with other accounts – reply to comments, have a chat in DMs, comment on other people’s posts. Add value to conversations all over social media. If you show up with purpose and authenticity, you will be noticed. As for posting, do it to add value, not out of obligation.

5. Get personal

In this automated day and age, are there any touchpoints you can personalise? Some ways to do this include using their name in email marketing. Sending them a voucher on their birthday. Speaking to them on the phone. Including a handwritten thank you note with an order. Using their name in social media interactions (comments). Sending them a voice or video reply via DM.

So, forget about the numbers! Instead, focus on delivering valuable, useful content. Build relationships with your followers. Serve them well. And see the positive impact this has on your business online.

Sonia Bavistock bio:

Sonia Bavistock is a fashion and lifestyle blogger (Sonia Styling). For the past 6 years, she has taught herself everything digital and social media and built a community of nearly 35,000 engaged and loyal readers and followers. She has also worked on national campaigns with well-known brands such as Schwarzkopf, Katies, Australia Post and Bupa – to name a few.

In 2017, Sonia took everything she’s learned online and offline to launch Scribe and Social and help other business owners with their social media and copywriting.

Scribe and Social is all about online presence with substance and style.

 Sonia from Scribe & Social, guest blogger on The People & Culture Office
Sonia Bavistock

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