Is it the skills shortage or something else?

Let’s put our thinking caps on for a hot minute. When was the last time you undertook some leadership development at work? Never?

Did you know the direct Manager is responsible for up to 70% of turnover and lack of engagement in the workplace?

Organisations that focus on employee engagement have 43% less turnover, absenteeism reduces by 83% and 64% fewer safety incidents.

But let’s back it up a sec, Employee Engagement? That’s just people being happy & satisfied at work isn’t it?

There is a considerable difference between being satisfied and being engaged at work. It is often the difference between being content and going the extra mile. 

For organisations to grow, advance and maximise performance, they need engaged people who work together using their strengths to complement one another. The most effective managers take responsibility for creating an engaged workplace. It sounds straightforward, but it is not always that easy.   

To succeed, managers have to bring employees together in collaboration, provide clear direction, put effective measures in place and accept responsibility for maximising each employee’s full potential

And as with every new skill, this needs to be developed.

So thinking about this, and the stats relating to employee engagement;

  • 83% less absenteeism
  • 43% less turnover
  • 64% fewer safety incidents
  • 10% higher customer metrics
  • 18% higher productivity

I ask you this.

Do we continue to blame the skills shortage for our inability to attract & keep employees 

Or do we make changes to the way we lead our organisations

Imagine just for a moment if we created workplaces where employees looked forward to coming to work, stayed longer and missed fewer workdays. Where they acted with more confidence and direction and could quickly handle distractions and times of uncertainty.

What would your organisation look like if we transformed the work environment? Would the skills shortage be as big as a factor to your future growth and sustainability?

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