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The concept that HR is just policies, hiring and firing is a very 90’s business model. As more and more corporations have HR sitting at an executive level, contributing to strategy discussions and being viewed as an integral cog in the leadership machine, the expectations on HR’s contribution to the business have increased exponentially.

There is now an expectation that HR policies and initiatives will be well considered, best practice models to guide, develop, motivate and reward employees. Policies built around, and for the sole purpose of legislation will always be a constant. But a great HR professional should be able to dissect your Strategic & Operational Plans and Core Values to build HR initiatives that make your workplace somewhere employees enjoy coming to everyday; to encourage performance and behaviours that build a team that takes ownership and accountability of their actions; that builds a workplace where everyone is heading in the same direction. In short, they help build the workforce demographic that you NEED to achieve your business goals.

A lot of business owners I speak to say they are too small to implement a lot of these types of practices, but in reality, the ethos applies across the board – big or small, it just gets massaged and moulded until it suits your business. A successful business is a successful business, whether it has 10 employees or 1000 employees, if you want to have a successful business you need to think strategically, plan & implement.

By outsourcing your human resource operations you can improve compliance, save money & attract the best talent. The People & Culture Office can offer your business long term support so you can focus on achieving business success. We are on hand to support all businesses, wherever you may be.   

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